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Externus: Path of the Solari is a character-driven tactical RPG coming to PC and Xbox One. You can pre-order the game and purchase any merchandise from this Backerkit Store.

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We're opening up about Switch, Discord, and more!
over 3 years ago – Tue, Aug 04, 2020 at 04:49:12 PM

It's Official, We're Coming To Switch!

We let you all know in the past that we were waiting for approval from Nintendo to bring Externus to the Switch and, today, we can confirm we have that approval! We wanted you all, the backers, to know first and we're happy to be working with Nintendo to bring our first game to their platform alongside the PC and Xbox versions. 

Opening Up The Discord

Today is the day that we open up our Discord channel to everyone! Obviously, backers will have special privileges and be able to post in certain chats that are unavailable to everyone but we want to continue to grow our community as we continue development. We encourage you to invite your friends, start conversations in the chat, and even ask us questions (literally, about anything!). Here is the link to the Discord if you want to invite others and thank you for being a part of our community so far.

Podcasts To Catch Up On

We've gotten back to our regular schedule of posting a podcast every week and have had some great episodes for you to check out! The one we would like to highlight is from last week where we took questions from our Discord community and answered them on the show. You can listen to that episode here:

To subscribe to the podcast, check it out on the following platforms. 


Google Play:


What's Coming Next

We knew that this update would be a little light on our end when it comes to the development of Externus: Path of the Solari. We have been hard at work on a lot of backend systems as well as our level editor so that we can build content for the game easier. That means there is a whole lot of coding and not a whole lot of things we can show. We just want you to know that we are making big strides as far as progress goes and we hope to show more soon! 

The plan for September's update is to reveal our design for the Kickstarter T-Shirt (which you can still pre-order or add-on to your orders over at BackerKit) as well as some cool art pieces currently being designed by Moudy. Again, thank you all for your support and we will continue to keep you up to date as we can!

Quick Update - Surveys Are Coming
almost 4 years ago – Wed, Jul 08, 2020 at 01:14:48 PM

Surveys Are Coming Soon

Hey everyone, just wanted to keep you up to date on where everything is at. The funds have been transferred and we will be sending out surveys tomorrow! Depending on your Reward level, this will be where you answer questions such as a platform for the game, T-Shirt Size, naming your mercenary, etc. You will also have the option for add-ons which include additional copies of the game, a t-shirt, or even the artbook. You will also be giving us your address and information for those of you who have a physical reward. 

Survey Test

Today, around 5% of you will actually get the survey earlier. This is so that the system can run a test and make sure that everything is working properly before we send them out to everyone. So, if you hear some people got their surveys and you didn't please don't panic! Barring any unforeseen issues with the survey process, everyone should see them around midday tomorrow. If you do receive a survey and there is an error of some sort or you have a question, please email us at [email protected] and we will get the issue resolved. 

Thank you all again! We hope to have more for you soon!

The Status Of Everything
almost 4 years ago – Thu, Jul 02, 2020 at 01:19:23 PM

What have we been doing?

Well, honestly, we've been doing a lot of resting for one. We didn't realize as a team how mentally taxing doing a Kickstarter would be, so we've been taking it a bit easy the past couple of weeks. We're also working on a bit of more complex stuff that happens under the hood of the game, but doesn't really allow us to show much. Kent has been working hard on realigning our production schedule since our Kickstarter was successful. (Full disclosure: He had made one thinking we weren't going to hit it, but THANKS TO YOU WE DID! THANK YOU AGAIN!) He and Moudy have also been working on making sure our production pipeline for the game makes it so that we can add content faster. These are important steps for us moving forward, but again, doesn't really allow us to show you some cool stuff in the meantime. 

Where are the surveys?

Good question, so with Kickstarter, it takes around 14 days for all the pledges to go through and be finalized. We are also using BackerKit to send out the surveys, which will allow for more options for everyone that backed us. Doing this adds a couple of days, but we hope to have the surveys out to you next week. However, with the holiday and just everything going on in the world right now, it could possibly be a few weeks. However, we want to make sure that you have some additional options such as picking your platform, adding extra codes or a copy of the game if you had a lower tier, and even adding on a T-Shirt or Hardcover Artbook if you missed out on those. So, expect those soon!

Discord is Coming

Alongside the release of the surveys, we will be sending out the link to the Discord server. We will open it up to everyone and backers will have some exclusive access to extra channels that the team will be looking at a bit more closely. Beta backers will have EVEN MORE access to additional channels as we continue to build Externus. 

Moving Forward

With that, those are just the plans for the team at Winterborn for the next few weeks. We will start doing monthly updates with more substantial content next month as we will have more to show. With that, THANK YOU AGAIN! We wouldn't be in this great position moving forward without all of you and we can't express how much that means to the entire team!

Happy Holidays, Be Safe!

Finally, we want to wish you all a Happy Independence Day or even a Happy belated Canada Day for any Canadiens out there! We realize it might be a bit of a different celebration this year than normal, but be safe out there and we hope you can enjoy some time to relax!  We'll definitely be trying to!

almost 4 years ago – Thu, Jun 18, 2020 at 03:06:25 PM

What an absolutely crazy month! Externus: Path of the Solari has successfully funded and we owe EVERYTHING to you: our friends, family, and fans. I hope you all are able to take as much pride from this as the dev team do, we absolutely could not have done it without the support from each and every one of you! THANK YOU! We really don't even have the words to express how grateful we are in this moment.

So what's next for the project? We should be sending out backer surveys in the next few weeks to everyone who backed us. These surveys will collect all the information required for us to start the ball rolling on getting you rewards. This is where you'll be able to name your taverns, you mercenaries, and start creating your legends. We'll also be contacting people with information regarding access to the Discord channel. We will also be falling into a steady flow of backer updates on the progress of the game, showing new characters, levels, and features, all spoiler-free of course!

While we did unfortunately not hit our goal for the PS4 version, I wanted to let you all know we'll still be looking for ways to get that version out there as soon as we can. We want to get the game to everyone and let people play on their preferred device, so we won't give up until we find a way! Keep an eye out for updates on this, and we will let you know as soon as we can!

Several people have asked about add-on items, and we do plan to make several items available as BackerKit add-ons. The main one people wanted to know about was the Art Book, so if you have a pledge down for the game and decide later you'd like to get an art book a la carte, you'll be able to do this. Information for how to do this should be rolling out around the same time as the surveys.

Again, thank you so much for your support and encouragement through this process! You are all absolutely amazing and the drive we have internally on the development team has never been stronger! We are already working on some cool new features for the game and can't wait to start sharing information with you in our updates!

If you have any questions please reach out to us here in the comments section, send us a message via our profile, or ping us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or pretty much anywhere else @WinterbornGames

almost 4 years ago – Wed, Jun 17, 2020 at 09:38:49 PM

Thank You, SO MUCH!

We couldn't have made this leap of faith or started this journey without everyone helping us and supporting us. We are on the brink of being funded (92% and under 4K to our goal as of this writing) and we're very thankful for everyone who has donated or shared the project. Thank you! We have about 18 hours left to do it and with your continued help and support, WE CAN! If you can spare a few more bucks, please do, but more importantly, just let people know that you're backing us and believe in the project. SHARE IT! 

Putting Fire To The Flame

As we have been working on promoting the Kickstarter and getting it to as many eyes as we could, Moudy has been hard on work on making some new levels for the game. We showed one on social media earlier today, but we will show you the second level that takes place in the desert country of Flame. Moudy has been taking inspiration from his Sudanese heritage to bring Flame to life and it shows in the art. Here is Flame!

Building The First Level of Flame
Adding Some Color To It
A Different Viewpoint
A Close-Up Shot
The Second Level In Flame
Another View
Another Angle

Thank you, AGAIN!